We are sufficient to do everything possible to heal this Earth.

~ Bill Mollison

OUr Projects

Food Forestry is a global movement and we are constantly adding new projects. Stay connected to our community by exploring our past and present partners.
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OUR ambassadorS

Both the people putting in the hard work to grow food forests and those generously supporting their efforts are equally important. Join us as a food forest ambassador for a regenerative future.

Project ambassadors

If you have or are planning to implement a food forest project, you can apply to become one of our featured partner projects. It doesn’t matter how big or small your project is or where you are located, but you need to be serious and passionate about your work. Please read through our project ambassador guidelines first and then let’s get in touch to talk about the details.

Angel ambassadors

If you would like to support a project, then become an angel. Often our angels feel a personal connection to the projects, trees and bees they sponsor. It might be the country, the people or a particular tree that speaks to you. Maybe you just want to contribute to a meaningful and important cause. Our projects are as varied as the people who support them. Give us the opportunity to connect you!
To become an angel ambassador simply start by exploring our featured projects here.

Learn & Share

From newbie to master, we can only grow if we share our knowledge and experience. For those completely new to the concept of food forestry, we have collected some morsels to whet your appetite. For everyone else, we have a few suggestions and then we let our community take the lead.